Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tech Support

Lesson of the week...never again complain about tech support in the United States. 

My computer is currently broken (I'm using a friends to quickly write this explanatory blog for why I won't be writing a real one) and Argentine tech support will make anyone sick with frustration. 

First, I had to spend 3 hours on the phone with tech support in the United States.  Then 2 hours with Argentina.  Then another hour with the US.  Then 3 days of exchanging emails, copies of my passport, copies of my visa, etc (all without actually having a computer at my house to do it on...since mine's broken...I still don't understand why a computer repair service would try to use email...but that's a side discussion for another day)  Then another hour on the phone with Argentina tech support.  Then finally 2 hours in the store that was supposed to repair it. 

After a week of waiting, they called me yesterday to tell me that my computer is finally ready and I can pick it up today.  I checked their offical letterhead for their hours and called them and had these hours varified by their answering machine.  Then I went there...only to find that they are actually not open today.

I'm continuing to call and am hoping they will finally decide to open (because in Argentina, nothing actually happens when it is promised...despite declarations and contracts that it will be so).  But I will probably not have access to a computer long enough to watch the videos and post a real blog until Monday.

Everyone abroad--start praying and crossing every part of your body that your computer doesn't break and you don't have to experience the same thing. 

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  1. Ah, the joys of tech troubles! Good luck on the computer issues. Remember - you can story board with post it notes, or sheets of paper and pencils - so don't let the "down time" go unused.