Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pictures while you wait...

Now that my technology issues are sort-of-mostly solved (I will still have to take my computer back to get them to fix the fan...which caused the problems in the first place...but they didn't bother to fix it), I can catch up on catching you all up on what's going on with my projects!

But, until that happens, here's a link to all of the pictures I've taken on this trip.  You can see penguins (!!), sea lions, Buenos Aires, Che Guevara's house, and so much more!  I would love any and all feedback/opinions/thoughts on my pictures.  Here's the link:

DISCLAIMER: I simply dumped all of my pictures onto here, so you get the good and the bad.  So don't judge the bad ones too harshly!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you will liberally pepper some of your future blogs with these photos and comments. (And use some good ones in your final projects!)