Saturday, March 13, 2010

My first video!

Here's my first attempt at movie-making...please please give me all of the constructive criticism you can before the real things!


  1. So...when I watch's only half of the video. If it does the same for you, here's the original youtube link:

    Any ideas for why that happened?

  2. Here's an idea - if the movie looks good on your computer, but not so much on the blogger version... open a YouTube account and post the video there first, then simply embed the vid into your blog. (YouTube seems to "fix" various formats to play in most applications.)

  3. I did this through youtube...that's what I don't understand. It looks alright when you play it through youtube (I'll probably save it as a higher quality format next time, but it works). Any idea why the youtube embed link would only be half?