Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not quite what I was going for...but I like it!

As I started going through the pictures that I have taken so far on this trip, I realized that most of the time what I was actually trying to show didn't exactly work, but was replaced with a completely unexpected, but often better story that I had missed the first time through.

I this picture, I thought it would be a great way to show the landscape through the door but give it the context of being on a farm.  However, I feel like it actually speaks wonders to the interesting combination of modern farm tools and, for those of us living in the United States, more outdated construction.  The shadow falls over the modern and further highlights the building and scenery which gives more importance to the history and setting than the lawnmower.

This picture at first had disappointed me when I pulled it up on my computer.  I thought weird lighting had ruined it.  However, when you put it in the context of its location, it actually has more meaning than I probably could have planned.  This is from a Jesuit cathedral in downtown Cordoba.  The Jesuits used lifelike images to help with their efforts to convert the indigenous people to Christianity.  This picture gives the painting an almost lifelike quality that I think the original creators would have appreciated.

The other pictures, I feel, have a little bit less of a hidden meaning within them.  This, however, isn't necessarily a bad thing.  You don't need to always fill everything with so much symbolism that it takes explaining for someone else to be able to understand and appreciate it.

This picture of a man with his guitar captures a pure joy.  It doesn't show what's causing him to smile, simply that he's enjoying that moment of his life with all of his heart.

The pictures of the cow and the farmer milking the cow both capture the personalities of the individuals in the picture.  My favorite aspects are the glint in the cow's eye and the face expression on the farmer.  The personalities are the focus and there isn't really anything else included in the frame.

While not exactly what I had in mind for any of these pictures, I love what they capture and share.  Pictures should share a story--and I hope these to do others than just me!

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