Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Tropos of Argentine Internet

I had written my entire blog and was proofreading it when BAM the power went out and deleted everything.  Therefore the fact that this blog won't be completed until tomorrow speaks wonders to the culture here.

Something's not done on time?  Oh well, just leave it for tomorrow.

The power went out and messed up the internet and your blog post?  Don't be upset, just make some tea and wait for it to fix itself (since blogs can do that...)

You had spent how much time picking out which pictures and descriptions to use?  Over an hour because you couldn't choose?  You probably need to eat something sweet to calm down while we wait for the power (that is now off again) to come back on.

Yes, this photo-less blog that was written quickly to hopefully avoid another power outage speaks wonders.  There will be pictures and a real blog post written from a more reliable location tomorrow morning.


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